Rose & Sandalwood Ring Bath Bomb
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Rose & Sandalwood Ring Bath Bomb
Rose & Sandalwood Ring Bath Bomb
  • $10.00 Ring Hidden Inside

  • Chance To Win A Second Ring Worth Up To $5000.00

  • Large 10 oz Ring Bath Bomb

  • Made in the USA

Features a delectably fresh aroma of lemongrass, green floral and rose, combined with essential oils for a refreshing bath time experience.


Fragrance Notes: fresh, tart, lemon, rose, sweet, musk


Essential Oils: Lemon Oil, Cedar Oil, Lemongrass Oil


Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, organic coconut oil, epsom salt, sodium laurel sulfoacetate powder, witch hazel, fragrance and colorant

Random Ring Size

1 in 100 Win $100 Ring | 1 in 1000 Win $1000 Ring 

1 in 5000 Win A $5000 Ring

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