Our Story

Diamond Candles was inspired from a love story that blossomed in 1980. David, our co-founder, had just bought an engagement ring with the intention of proposing to Brenda. Without anything to put the ring in, he bought a candle knowing how much she loved them. With the ring in one hand and the candle in the other, the idea for Diamond Candles was born. Oh, and in case you were wondering, she said “Yes!”

Inspired by David and Brenda’s story, Diamond Candles is dedicated to creating products that transform something ordinary into an experience that creates memorable moments. We call these moments “Diamond Moments.” From discovering a beautiful ring in a Ring Candle to exploring new fragrances, our products are designed to create a Diamond Moments worth sharing with friends and family.

Ring Reveal

You probably already knew this, but within each Original Ring Candle comes an exciting surprise—a ring! Well, did you know there’s an opportunity to win another? In every Ring Candle you will discover a RINGREVEAL™ slip that tells you if you’ve won another ring worth $100, $1000, or… *drumroll* $5000! Not only is it a fun surprise for you, it’s an exciting experience to share with friends and family.

Quality Ingredients

While most candles sit on the mantle as a decoration, Diamond Candles products can be the centerpiece of meaningful moments. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. Because we strive to help you create wonderful memories, we always start with aroma.

All of our candles are made in our own factory in North Carolina from only the best ingredients. We use only natural soy wax sourced from the USA, high-quality fragrances that are paraben and phthalate free, and a cotton wick for a clean burn. They’re long-lasting and throw a powerful aroma; becoming a centerpiece for sharing, togetherness, and love. By ensuring premium-quality standards in everything we do, we hope to make life’s beautiful moments even more amazing.