Supporting Animal Shelters

Diamond Candles Pet Series Charity Project features loveable dog breed Ring Candles that will freshen your home and delight the senses. A portion of each candle sale goes to help house and feed dogs in shelters and rescues. 

Select Exclusive Fragrances

Sea Dog Fragrance

Enjoy the enchanting scents of the deep ocean as you cuddle up with your own salty little sea dog. Hints of citrus, sea salt, and exotic spices transport you and your pup to the mysteries of the high seas. The Sea Dog fragrance will seduce the most adventurous of canines into a calming night on the couch with their loyal human.

Puppy Love Fragrance

There’s no love like fur baby love. Unconditional and sweet, they cast the deepest spell. Our Puppy Love fragrance will bewitch and enchant, blending the sweet scents of fruit and floral – apple, peach, grapefruit, cherry blossoms, and hydrangeas. Light our candle and watch those tails wag while you lay some smooches on that precious pup. 

Dog Gone It Fragrance

Our ulti-mutt odor eliminator, Dog Gone It removes the most unpleasant of puppy smells. The clean linen scent combined with hints of lemon don’t just mask odors, they eliminate them. Powered with olfactory technology, your home will smell fur fresh and canine clean.

Summer Paws Fragrance

For that active summer pooch who can’t resist a day at the beach or a picnic at the park, our Summer Paws fragrance keeps the party going at home. A brilliant mix of citrus, fruits, and vanilla brings a freshness to any room while still invoking the playfulness of outdoor fun. Skip the heat and humidity and bring your hot dog indoors.

Pooch Blossoms Fragrance

Give your home it’s pawsitively freshest garden treatment. Infused with gardenias, lemon, jasmine, and green florals, the soft scents of Pooch Blossoms will sweeten any snout. These dreamy blossom scents transform the barking mad into happy hounds.

Your Pet Could Be Featured On Our Next Candle!


Vote for Your Favorite

Each month we will hold a contest to see who has the best dog photo. The photo with the most votes will be selected as the winner. The winning dog will be featured on a Ring Candle and the winner will receive a $250.00 Visa Gift card to to buy fun stuff for you and your pooch. Also, $250 donated in your name to the animal shelter of your choice.

How to Enter

Submit your dog photo and share with all of your friends to receive the most votes. Each month, we will select the photo with the most votes to be featured on our next candle. Like and follow our Facebook page for more information and the official start date.

Would Your Animal Shelter Like to Partner With Us?