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Candles Made Fun

Diamond Candles took America by storm with our fun new take on the ordinary candle! We place a $10 ring in each candle along with a ring reveal slip! Your ring reveal slip could reveal a second ring worth up to $5000! We never hide our odds to win like the imposter companies out there and people do actually win which is why our Ring Candles have become so popular! What will you reveal?

1-100 WIN $100 RING


1-1000 WIN $1000 RING


1-5000 WIN $5000 RING


How Does It Work?

  • Light and Enjoy Your Eco Friendly, Made in the USA Soy Candle 
  • The Golden Circle on the Jar Marks the Ring Location 
  • Use Tweezers or a Spoon to Carefully Remove Your Ring Pouch
  • Reveal Your $10 Ring and Your Ring Reveal Slip To See If You Won!
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